Beni Ourain rugs and Berber Carpets

The Beni Ourain "tribe" in Morocco is made up of 17 different Berber tribes that live in the Atlas mountains. Some have come to the lowlands to farm, but many still raise sheep at the higher up elevations. The sheep produce excellent high grade wool which goes into the beautiful rugs made by the Beni Ourain tribes. Certain tribes have preferred colors. Natural dyes were used exclusively in Morocco until the mid to late 20th century. Natural dyes included henna, almond leaves, indigo, iron sulfate, cochineal among others. The true vintage andmid century Beni Ourain rugs are sophisticated and simple - which makes them sought after by the top interior designers and consumers from all over the world.

Nr. 98   160x200
kr  12.700.-

Nr. 111   160x210
kr  13.300.-

Nr. 125   90 x 200
kr  7.200.-

Nr. 129   180 x 315
kr  22.600.-

Nr. 114   190 x 225
kr  16.900.-

Nr. 116   210 x 310
kr  27.600.-